Thursday, July 22, 2010

03 - Barron's Brewing Co: 88 Balls Lager

This is a cheap Belgian beer and the operative word is cheap. 88 Balls is a watery lager that would have impressed me much more when I was 18 and was looking for a full strength beer that I could drink all night. It tries hard to be sprightly but falls short. It is a very drinkable beer and there are no real causes to be critical of it, but it is that is more likely to be pumped from the stomach at the end of the night rather than a beer to be savoured.

The price of this beer is about right. It sells locally for $3.20 a 330ml stubby or $33 per carton. It will never be a serious beer and the manufacturer knows it as can be determined by the name “88 Balls.” This beer would go well with a hamburger with the lot and a cup of chips.

Next Beer: Erdinger Weissbrau’s Kristall from Germany (I may be spending a bit of time in Germany – it’s a dirty job but somebody has got to do it.)

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