Thursday, August 12, 2010

07 - Schwelmer: Pils ******

Schwelmer's Pils is a beer that you should buy if for no other reason than to acquire one of their terrific bottles. The bottle is not the best thing about this beer but it does come a close second. The beer is slightly cloudy and and the taste is .... curious. This is by no means an unpleasant beer. It is a very nice simple malt beer. I suspect that The Schwelmer Brewery has been using this recipe for a very long time.
But from the colour and taste, one suspects that the English had something to do with the brewing process somewhere along the line. This is a nice beer by most standards, but by the standards one expects from the Germans, it is disappointing. I will drink this beer long before I buy English, but when I get it, it will be to increase my collection of lovely resealable bottles.
I would drink this beer with kangaroo meat or some other game.
Next: I stretch to the bottom of the pantry and try Grolsch's Premium Lager

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